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23 Jul 2020

Ignored by Media, Huge Clinton Investigation Heats Up

by Frank Holmes, reporter Of all the scandals hanging over Bill Clinton, the one thatโ€™s remained the most mysterious for the longest period of time is this: What was his connection to an alleged government drug smuggling operation run out of Mena, Arkansas, while he was governor? Allegations have swirled for decades about the airport, where multiple federal agencies flew planes for years at the height of the U.S. cocaine epidemic. Now, new documents, first obtained by conservative legal watchdog […]

11 Jun 2011
Common Law

County Council Extortion – Stop Paying Rates!

Did You Know? If You Own or Run a Business, You do NOT Have to Pay Rates!!! Just to let you ALL know. WE here at the Common LAW Society have been studying and researching a little known and even less widely practiced LAW; called Contract LAW, or the LAW of Contract. County Council Extortion. In summary it means, that if you do not have a Lawfully Binding Contract with another party, such as a County Council, then they CANNOT […]

14 Feb 2011

How Israel Plans to Rule the World: Part 1 The Plan

By james at winterpatriot.com With all eyes focused on Egypt at the moment, the following is written to further place the Egyptian protests in the larger context of the wider turmoil in the world and the dominant force that is shaping not only Egypt’s future but this world’s future with it. I will attempt to illustrate the power of this force by outlining it in three separate posts being parts 1, 2 and 3- The Plan The Strategy in principle […]