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Mercury Free Dentists - Pioneers for 21st Century Dental Care

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Mercury Undercover exposes the well-concealed epidemic of mercury poisoning through the eyes of its victims and doctors, scientists, and environmental experts.

The DVD explains that although you can accumulate mercury in your body from water, air, and food, over 150 million Americans walk around with the equivalent of a 'toxic dump' in their mouths, thanks to just months or a lifetime of "silver" amalgam fillings. Comprised of 50 percent mercury, amalgam fillings contain more mercury than anything else sold in the U.S.

While a single gram of mercury disposed in a lake could make its fish unsafe to eat for a full year, 50 percent of dentists continue to implant mercury amalgam fillings into children and adults every day. U.S. servicemen and women – even pregnant women – are routinely given mercury amalgam fillings.

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin – a fact confirmed by science. Dental mercury converts into an oxidized form that's very toxic to your body. It damages blood vessel walls, forcing your body to produce cholesterol to try to repair the damage. Mercury also inhibits key enzymes that your body needs for energy production and detoxification.

According to this eye-opening documentary, mercury poisoning has been linked to gastritis, asthma, allergies, learning disorders, psychosis, panic attacks, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS, and insomnia. And because energy practitioners believe that every tooth in your mouth is linked to certain organs, mercury fillings affect organ health, too.

When you have dental amalgam fillings in your teeth, every time you chew or sip on hot beverages, you unleash mercury vapors into your brain and blood.

So if dental amalgam is so unsafe, why do half of dentists still use it?

Featuring well-known experts in the field Jonathan Emord, Constitutional Law Attorney, Charlie Brown, President, World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry, and Dr. John P. Trowbridge M.D., President, International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, Mercury Undercover uncovers the truth about one of the biggest scams in medical history originally designed to "protect" you.

This 90-minute film, created by Elizabeth Hong and Daniel Montoya, seeks to expose the secrets surrounding dental amalgam along with the corruption and greed that's allowed it to persist unregulated for 150 years. The producers aim to raise awareness on a topic that has been brilliantly suppressed but one that robs quality of life and life itself. It's a gripping, controversial film that the producers hope makes you think twice before you eat fish or visit the dentist.

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