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Lifeboat Hour with Mike Ruppert - Graham Hancock talks about his banned TED talk

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Graham Hancock talking about his banned TEDx talk 'The War on Consciousness', psychedelics and the global awakening. On the Progressive Radio Network's Lifeboat Hour with Michael C Ruppert. Sorry about the gap at 28:30 I had to silence the song due to copyright; the interview starts again at 31:48.
Post a comment on the TED website about their censorship of Graham's "War on Consciousness" presentation: on the censorship scandal:
Follow Graham Hancock on Facebook: Graham Hancock on Twitter: Hancock Facebook update 19/03/2013:Unprecedented developments at TED.
I appreciate and respect the fact that TED have now bitten the bullet -- which cannot have been easy for them -- and fully retracted their original incorrect allegations against the content of my TEDx presentation "The War on Consciousness". They have done so by crossing out the original allegations and publishing my rebuttal here:
They have done the same as regards their original incorrect allegations against the content of the TEDx presentation "The Science Delusion" by my colleague Rupert Sheldrake.
TED have also opened up a new blog page ("Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake A Fresh Take") here: want to put on record my immense appreciation and respect for the tremendous efforts made by so many members of my Facebook community to get this injustice righted, not only by their posts here but by their engagement on the TED website and the blog posts they have made there. I am touched and heartened, buoyed up and encouraged by this remarkable level of support and it is a sign of the times that our voice has been heard.TED continue to refuse to restore the talks to the original platform on which they appeared -- the TEDx Youtube channel -- where my talk had been viewed by more than 132,000 people and where Rupert's talk had been viewed by more than 35,000 people before TED took them down. I regard it as unfortunate in the extreme that all the conversations and comments that appeared there have been hidden along with the talks, and that those original links have been broken, and I will continue to press for the restitution of our talks to the TEDx Youtube channel separate from and in addition to the presence they now have on the TED blog pages.

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