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Future Technology - Jason Verbelli on Collision Course Radio with Francis Walsh

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Order out of Chaos - The Geometry of Implosion (Live Presentation):

Pdf version of the presentation so others can follow along:

Sonoluminescence and Cavitation:

Nuclear Remediation:

Resonant Nuclear Battery (Dr. Paul Brown):

Suppressed Technologies:

Dewey B Larson:

Free Energy and Free Thinking:

Atomic Feng Shui & Magnetization:

James Gilliland Interviews Jason Verbelli:

Jason Verbelli with Ben Lowrey:

Jason Verbelli on 100 Monkey Radio:

Videos on Addressing the Solar System Misconceptions

Sacred Sciences:

Twin Vortexes and VBM:

Adding a Z Axis to the Solar System:

Nitinol Military Testing:

Shape Memory Alloy:

SEG Mock Up vs SEG Prototype

1st Visit to Searl Magnetics:

Theory of Operation:




Searl Sites

Donate to Searl:

Invest in Searl:

What a Magnet Is & Why (9 Parts)

Non Contact Attachment

Non-Linear Magnetics

Max Field (600% Stronger)

Nanomagnetic Engineering

Magnetism On / Off Switch

PAX / Lily Impeller:

Logic & Theory of Water Enhancers:

Making Colloidal Silver & Healthy Water

Clayton Nolte:

Fractal Life Solutions:

Dan Winter's Imploder:

Doc Willard's Water:


Jamie Buturff:

The Black Box:

Water - The Great Mystery

Top Secret Water

Atmospheric Water Generator:

Colloidal Silver and EMPs:

Harmonics of Wobbling Spheres:

Over 35 Books on Suppressed Sciences:

Free Energy Flyer:

Pier Luigi Ighina:

Ighina Info Page:

Open Source Info:

Ed Leedskalnin:

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