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Chuck Missler in The Electric Universe - The Myths of Science - Challenging the Myths of Astronomy

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Chuck Missler is brilliant, as he pulls together all the myths of science and explains them using electrical terms, claiming that the 96% of the mass of the universe that academia claims is dark energy and dark matter is really plasma the forth stat of matter.  

Free Energy - Zero Point Energy
Why is science today ignoring the fact that space is not empty or a vacuum devoid of any matter, but rather, it's teaming with charged particles (in the plasma state). We can now see and even measure electrical currents in outer space.
There are 4 states of matter, solids, liquids, gasses, and plasmas. Let me suggest some reasons why science is ignoring the fact that space is teaming with energy.

1. Science has become a business and any change would upset this business.
2. Because if it were known that space was teaming with electricity the next question would be, can we use this energy?

And the answer is yes, we can. Big energy does not want this known. If you don't think they have the power to direct what we are being taught, then you are not living in reality.


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