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County Council Extortion - Stop Paying Rates!

Did You Know?
If You Own or Run a Business,
You do NOT Have to Pay Rates!!!

Just to let you ALL know.
WE here at the Common LAW Society have been studying and researching a little known and even less widely practiced LAW; called Contract LAW, or the LAW of Contract.

County Council Extortion.
In summary it means, that if you do not have a Lawfully Binding Contract with another party, such as a County Council, then they CANNOT Lawfully Invoice you. Which means in turn, they cannot Lawfully or Legally issue Bills, Notices or Demands for payment . FACT!

Unlawful Demands!
They are acting Unlawfully and Illegally if they do so!!! The only way to deal with the County Council if they are issuing Unlawful Bills, Notices or Demands for payment is to write directly to the head Man or Woman in their Rates department & request that they "Document and Verify the Obligation".

Document and Verify the Obligation.
When you write, make sure that you enclose the Original Bill, Notice or Demand. Do not keep their paperwork! Register the letter & give them ten days to respond directly to the request.

You Will Request That They .

"Document and Verify the Obligation" by providing all of the following.

  1. The Original Contract (If one exists).
  2. A Set of Their Accounts (For Forensic Examination). 
  3. A Valid and Lawfully Signed Invoice.

You Will Give Them 10 Days to do so, by Registered Post .
Otherwise You Will Consider The Matter Closed and Settled.

They Cannot and Will Not!
They will NEVER provide any of the three, to validate or substantiate any Lawful obligation that you have to pay. They cannot and will not.

Don't Mess About!
But they will commence their playground-bully-boy tactics, as you may already be familiar with. If they call to your business or home - call the Garda immediately; Report them for Trespass & a Breach of the Peace.

By reporting them for Trespass & a Breach of the Peace, you are taking the matter from Civil to Criminal. Remember, it is they that crossed the line, not you. Watch their jaws drop and leave with their tails between their legs. The Garda will arrest them once you are clear about this .

Privity of Contract.
They will probably write or call you on the phone, and threaten to take legal action or proceedings. Don't fret about this either, all Solicitors
are what we call in "Privity of Contract" . THIRD PARTY INTERLOPERS.

Not part or party to any contract that "might" be in place, so they cannot assume any rights or liabilities to that "assumed" contract. They can have a Contract with the County Council, but you do not have to recognise them.

Solicitors = Legal Prostitutes!
Solicitors are what we call here at the Common LAW Society - Legal Prostitutes! Meaning; if you pay them well enough, they will do any trick in the book & more. Well the name is in the title . Solicit. That makes Barristers & Judges their pimps.

ReButt Them We Say!
They can be very easily reButted and dismissed, with a pretty standard letter of reButtal, which we help you draft up in 20 minutes at no cost .
We do this just for the sheer hell of keeping businesses in Ireland alive.

Just a Little History.
Rates in Ireland are based upon a pretty archaic and arcane act. It is/was called "the Poor Law (Crown) Act 1838". Yes it was a Crown Act! In other words it was brought in by the Crown in 1838. The idea being that, it was designed & put in place to help the "poor and indigent" of Ireland of the day. They would tax the businesses of the day and draw revenue from them.

Poor Houses Replaced by County Councils!
It facilitated a widespread establishment of "legal poor houses" all over Ireland. Every Poor House in Ireland had a board of directors appointed to them, much like the County Councils of modern Ireland (if you could call it that). As then, as is today, the board of directors and or management got paid massive salaries & many perks and bonuses. While the business community got fleeced, most of which were forced to cease producing, trading and employing people.

Remember: The 1845 to 1851 Holocaust!
The poor in turn increased, because more people had no business, and or no job. Thus in turn, the poor got less and less, and either starved to death, or scraped by enough to emigrate to another country.

Is this History going to Repeat Itself?
This will be up to You. Stop Paying Rates!

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  • Michael Added I have tried this and let me tell you it does not work!!
  • john Added has anybody actually put this advice into practice and sent the suggested letter to the rates dept of a council, if so leave a comment here
  • Tom Added Guys, really great work that you're doing - it is much appreciated. As regards the Rebuttal letter mentioned in your article, would it not be helpful (and more expedient) to provide a template of that letter on your website? It seems unlikely that individuals would not know how to fill in the 'blanks' for their own particular situation...
  • Des O Donnell Added Through very difficult circumstances I was induced by a liquidator to liquidate
    my company which had become insolvent I had to pay him upfront

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