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Irish Bank Getting 35 letters a Day "Document & Verify the Obligation"

Hi Folks,

We have been reliably informed from our insider sources at a Bank, that one specific branch are getting up to 35 letters a day from the people asking them to "Document and Verify the Obligation".

In other words the people are NOT PAYING any more!
Alngside the fact, that the People are returning all of the Banks Sewage i.e. Paperwork, as "Return to Sender".

The Banks simply do not and cannot cope with this, they do not have the internal resources to take on the might of the People of this Sovereign land.

They need to leave NOW!
We are Peacefully holding the door open for them.
This summer we will educate ALL THE PEOPLE of this land, how to NOT PAY in a "Legal, Lawful and Nonviolent way".

You DO NOT HAVE TO PAY any of the following:- Mortgages, Loans, Creditcards, Rates, Corporate Finance, Fines, Fees, Charges, Tolls, Income TAX, and much more.

As we say ...
"Don't Play, Don't Pay, Just Walk Away!".

We look forward to meeting, greeting & educating EVERYONE!
See you all this summer, from the FREEDOM BUS crew .......

Stay well,
Des of the family Carty

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  • kennedy Added i agree, however why not go to media with this and advertise like the government are doing 3 to 5 times a day about paying tv licence and household tax. approx media like joe duffy show or some other widely listened show.

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