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  • The Largest Heist In History

    Building the Great Pyramid: The Global Financial Crisis Explained

      When the financial crisis erupted at the end of September 2008, there was an unusual sense of incredible panic among banking executives and government officials. These two establishment groups are known for their conservative, understated approach and, above all, their stiff upper lip. Yet at the time they appeared to the public running about like headless chickens. It was chaos. A state of complete chaos. Within a few weeks, however, decisions were made and everything seemed to returned to normal and back under control. The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown even famously remarked that the government "saved the world."

      But what really caused such an incredible panic in the establishment well known for its resilience? Maybe there are root causes that were not examined publicly and the government actions are nothing more than a temporary reprieve and a cover-up? Throwing good money after bad money, maybe?


      In order to answer these questions we have to examine the basic principles on which the banking system operates and the mechanisms that caused the current crisis. Students at the A-level are taught about "multiple deposit creation," It is the most rudimentary money creation mechanism for banks, which if administered properly serves the economy and public at-large very well. In the deposit creation process a bank accepts deposits and lends them out. But almost every lending returns soon to the bank as a deposit and is lent again. In essence, when people borrow money they do not keep it at home as cash, but spend it, so this money finds its way back to a bank quite quickly. It is not necessarily the same bank, but as the number of banks is limited (indeed very small) and there is

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  • EU: Corporate Corruption Controls

    Dear friends,

    Top European Commission politicians are taking lucrative corporate lobbyist jobs and helping big business to control Brussels! Let's persuade the Commission to respond to a European Parliament demand for a tough new code of conduct -- sign the petition for new rules to stop these abuses of power:

    Sign the petition!

    It's outrageous -- over half of top European Union politicians move straight from their posts into lucrative corporate  lobbying jobs -- turning the EU into a "lobbyocracy" run by big  business, not the people.
    The European Parliament is up in arms and has just threatened to withhold EU budget money until a new code of conduct is introduced to block officials  rushing to become lobbyists. In a few days parliamentarians will meet to hear  the Commission's proposals, but they need support to force a decisive change.
    This is a chance to clean up Brussels, but it will take a massive public  outcry. The grip of big business on EU decisions subverts our democratic priorities, from agriculture to climate to energy. Click to sign the  petition -- which will be delivered to top decision-makers at a meeting in the  Parliament -- and forward this email to friends:
    The "revolving door" between the European Commission and the  lobbyists fuels corruption, as officials compete for the fattest pay cheque  when they leave office and then put their relationships and influence to work  for the highest bidder.
    The recently resigned EU Industry Commissioner has already joined the boards of  4 large firms -- and set up his own EU lobbying company! And, months  before she left office, another European Commissioner accepted a position with  a giant insurance company which had a direct interest in decisions she was taking.
    Such new jobs are supposed to be vetted by the Commission. But the secret 

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  • Gov 2.0 Summit 2010: Carl Malamud "The Currents Of Our Time"

    Our verse for the day is from Thomas Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia. He said:

    In matters of style, swim with the current; In matters of principle, stand like a rock.

    I'd like to talk with you today about the operation of our federal government, about how if our government is to do the jobs with which we have entrusted it

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