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  • Welcome to our new Full Documentaries website: The Open Source.TV

    Welcome to our new site which was setup with the intention of being another one of the many sites now on the Internet that are trying to contribute towards enlightening people to the true nature and power structure of our world, and the dire state that its in. We need a new system, and its only when you find out how bad the current system really is that you realise how badly we need it and how much damage those in control have done to this planet. We're here to present the evidence, the theories and the dots and its up to you to connect them...

    Please make sure to register and leave your thoughts and comments on the documentaries that you watch so that others can see for themselves how important these videos are.

    Our intention is to present links to popular video sites who host the full versions of these documentaries and we ask for nothing in return other than that you inform someone you know about this website so that they can benefit too.

    If you come across a documentary that you think should be on this site, please use the "Suggest Video" button to send us the link to it and we'll add it!
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