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  • The People's United Community - TV Licenses - Stop Paying Them!

    Basically if you are PAYING for a TV LICENSE from this PRIVATE COMPANY you are being DECEIVED and if you REFUSE to PAY they will use a STATEMENT (CONTRACT) so you can PUNISH yourself by your own ACTions. Without DECEIVING you into this, there is nothing they can do and this is quite EVIDENT by their own DOCUMENTATION. Pleas click the image above for more information.

    Join this campaign today
    and let the Government know you will not tolerate their blatant use of our money to publish and broadcast their propaganda, lies and corruption.

    Treason has been committed and is still being perpetrated on a daily basis, and you by paying this tax are allowing this to happen.

    Join us at The Peoples United Community and say no to the TV Licence Fee and no to Treason!

    John Harris - My lettter to the HM Attorney-General asking them to prosecute me for openly telling people to ( in their words ) break the law by telling them to not pay their Licence Fee

    Please let us know if you are refusing to pay HERE, so we can compile a list of support of non- payment.

    List of people who are refusing to pay and their comments.

    Blatant abuse on a disabled gentleman by David Clark Capita/BBC Licence enforcement agent view video here.

    Click here for more evidence of the BBC

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  • The Secret Of Oz - Most Important Banking Documentary Ever!

    If you haven't already seen this we would highly recommend you do, and tell your friends and family about it too. The International Bankers have been screwing humanity for too long and it's time we blew the cover on them and let the world see exactly how they've been getting away with it for so long.

    Watch The Secret Of Oz now

    On another note, we have now added a Donate button to the menu at the top of the page, please be so kind as to donate any amount of money you can afford, whether its just a euro or two, to help keep this website up to date with all the newest and most important documentaries. This site will be here for years to come regardless of donations because we believe this information is very important but every little donation helps to pay for server costs, hosting and bandwidth usage (which is very expensive in Ireland!). We are planning to move our site to a web server with unlimited bandwidth usage which would mean we could upload DVD quality versions of all of these documentaries to the site but bandwidth usage is the only thing stopping us. With just a few donations, we will be able to relocate our site to a better web server so that you can all benefit from top quality documentaries instead of the usual average quality from Google Video and YouTube, plus we would be able to offer download links too... Alternatively, you could help by clicking the ads on our site once in a while. Thanks for your support and enjoy the site! :)

    Donate Now!
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  • Welcome to our new Full Documentaries website: The Open Source.TV

    Welcome to our new site which was setup with the intention of being another one of the many sites now on the Internet that are trying to contribute towards enlightening people to the true nature and power structure of our world, and the dire state that its in. We need a new system, and its only when you find out how bad the current system really is that you realise how badly we need it and how much damage those in control have done to this planet. We're here to present the evidence, the theories and the dots and its up to you to connect them...

    Please make sure to register and leave your thoughts and comments on the documentaries that you watch so that others can see for themselves how important these videos are.

    Our intention is to present links to popular video sites who host the full versions of these documentaries and we ask for nothing in return other than that you inform someone you know about this website so that they can benefit too.

    If you come across a documentary that you think should be on this site, please use the "Suggest Video" button to send us the link to it and we'll add it!
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