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  • Banyak Films - Us Now

    Banyak Films - Us Now

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    Us Now tells the stories of online networks that are challenging the existing notion of hierarchy. For the first time, it brings together the fore-most thinkers in the field of participative governance to describe the future of government. Us Now follows

  • in5d - Global Unity Project: What The World Needs Right Now

    in5d - Global Unity Project: What The World Needs Right Now

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    Article: Please Mirror and Share!! The following provides immediate solutions to fix a world that is broken. We all need to work in the best interests of humanity and not for our own materialistic in

  • 28:47 Richard Stallman Explains Everything

    Richard Stallman Explains Everything

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    --Richard Stallman, Founder and Leader of the free software movement, joins David to discuss his creation of the computer operating system "GNU" and his skepticism over using proprietary software --On the Bonus Show: David's apartment problem, internal dr

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